The Western North Carolina Quilters Guild
2014 Garden of Quilts

Traditional Quilts

Traditional Quilts: based on well-established or customary designs; may also be an adaptation of such designs or made from a professional design (book, magazine, class, etc.).

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100: Traditional Quilts, Appliquéd Quilted by Maker

Pastoral Symphony

First Place, Best of Show
and Best Machine Quilting: Amateur

Pastoral Symphony
By Natalie Rockley

Just as the beauty of summer comes after a year's preparation through the seasons, this quilt was a year in the making (2013 Block of the Month for the Quilt Show).

Healing Hearts - second place

Second Place

Healing Hearts
by Melba Rilott

My cancer reappeared. Being confined with chemo I chose to finish my quilt. Hand appliquéd, embellished and hand quilted. Dimensional NC dogwoods are identical to what was on my property. I wrote a poem to go with the quilt titled "Life is Like a Quilt".

Healing Hearts detail 1 Healing Hearts detail 2
Backyard Visitors - third place

Third Place

Backyard Visitors
by Kitty Etterman

I began this quilt years ago in a workshop with Jane Townswick in which she taught her hummingbird using her technique. Hand quilted.

Backyard Visitors detail 1 Backyard Visitors detail 2

200: Traditional Quilts, Pieced Quilted by Maker, Small and Medium

Building Baby Blocks - first place

First Place

Building Baby Blocks
by Georgia Bonesteel

Made as a special exhibit for the Folk Art Center's Black and White Show. My further exploration of the 60 degree diamond possibilities.

Building Baby Blocks detail
Canyon Sunset - second place

Second Place

Canyon Sunset
by Dawn Bartholic

Do you see mountains or sky scrapers, or does it remind you of autumn? The Bargello pattern keeps your eyes moving like waves on a landscape.

Canyon Sunset detail
Carolina Autumn at the Courthouse - third place

Third Place

Carolina Autumn at the Courthouse
by Carol Preston

The beautiful Fall colors here in the mountains and my scrappy stash called to me...
I can see the Brevard courthouse through the trees from my kitchen window.
Pattern by Debbie Pierce, appeared in 2005 Love of Quilting.

Carolina Autumn detail
Marti's Log Cabin - honorable mention

Honorable Mention

Marti's Log Cabin
by Joanne Shafer

This quilt is the product of a class taken at Beginnings Quilt Shop with
Jean Ann Wright.

Marti's Log Cabin detail

300: Traditional Quilts, Pieced by Maker, Large

Mountain Stitches - first place

First Place

Mountain Stitches
by Joanne Shafer, Georgia Bonsteel
and Peggy McCaffrey

This quilt was designed by Joanne Shafer and Georgia Bonesteel and quilted by Hummingbird Quilting of Brevard. It is the 2015 Symposium Raffle Quilt

Mountain Stitches detail 1 Mountain Stitches detail 2
Vanilla - second place

Second Place

by Laurie Fichtelberg

I like the applique in this pattern - it modernizes the traditional piecing. The piecing I thought would be easy - WRONG! I had to make my own paper piecing patterns!

Vanilla detail 1 Vanilla detail 2
Tarheels' Vortex - third place

Third Place

Tarheels' Vortex
by Sharon L. Johnson

Inspired by a red and white quilt made by an unknown quilter between 1890 and 1910 and exhibited in NYC in 2011, I designed my own pattern for this vortex quilt, which won “Best in Show” at the 2013 Mountain State Fair.

Tarheels' Vortex detail
Diamond Dazzle - honorable mention

Honorable Mention

Diamond Dazzle
by Georgia Bonesteel

This quilt explores an easier method for baby block construction and also long stitch quilting.

Diamond Dazzle detail 1 Diamond Dazzle detail 2
Home Sweet Home - honorable mention

Honorable Mention

Home Sweet Home
by Bonnie Hartel

I saw this quilt on the cover of Quiltmania magzine, Sept/Oct 2011 and immediately fell in love with the houses. The quilt was designed by Joe Wood in America but published in a French quilt magazine. It was a series and I only had one magazine but it was enough....I had a great time making 6" blocks and building a house around it. I altered the setting and had fun with the quilting and embroidery. It was a joy to make!

Home Sweet Home detail

400: Traditional Quilts with Commissioned Quilting

Nine-Patch Finale - first place

First Place

Nine-Patch Finale
by Jean Jones
Quilted by Deborah Beaver

Pinterest had this layout for my nine-patch collection from a guild exchange. I had to borrow enough dark-corner patches to finish the grid from three other quilters.

None-Patch Finale detail
Really? - second place

Second Place

by Ann W. Klimstra
Quilted by Sheridan Carter

Inspiration from a magazine picture with bright colors. The name comes from a comment I got when I showed the chosen backing fabric (right, below) to a friend. "Really?"

Really? detail 1 Really? fabric on back
City Market - third place

Third Place
and Off the Wall Award

City Market
by Jo Gilman
Quilted by Sheridan Carter

This was a block of the month in 2013 at Asheville Cotton Company. It was so much fun every month to see what Robin Culbertson had designed for us.

City Market detail 1 City Market detail 2

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July 5, 2014