2019 WNCQG Quilt Show
May 17 - 18, 2019
"Garden of Quilts"

Garden of Quilts
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Show Rules
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Show Rules

Please Read Carefully and Adhere To All Rules, Directions, and Deadlines

All quilters are invited to enter quilts in the 2019 Quilt Show. WNCQG Members may enter quilts for ‘Competition’ (to be judged) or for ‘Display’ (to be hung in the show, but not judged). Non-members may enter quilts for ‘Display’ at a cost of $15 per quilt. Non-members wishing to have quilts judged, are cordially invited to join the guild ($30 annual dues).

All quilts are to be made using standard quilt-making techniques (three layers – top, batting, and backing - joined by quilting), with the exception of quilts entered in the Art Quilt categories.

Quilts made from kits may not be entered for judging. Kits are defined as patterns, fabrics, threads, and/or quilting designs packaged as a unit for sale. Kits also include Block of the Month programs where the block fabric is supplied by the vendor.

All entries must have been completed on or after January 1, 2016 and must not have been previously entered in a WNCQG Quilt Show.

The WNCQG Quilt Show Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any submitted entry, to divide or combine entries in more appropriate categories, and to not award all ribbons.

Each entry must be the sole work of the entrant, with the exception of duet or group items, and must have been constructed by the person/persons named on the entry form. Duet quilts are quilts created by only two people, including the quilting done by a person other than the maker of the quilt top. Group quilts are quilts made by three or more quilters and the name of the group, or all quilters involved, must be listed on the entry form.

You may enter a maximum of five entries for judging. A maximum of one ribbon will be awarded to an individual quilt maker in any one category. Additional quilts (more than five) may be entered for ‘Display’ on a space available basis.

Please fill out your entry form on line, then print it, and submit it along with a non-returnable picture for each quilt you wish to enter, to the quilt show registrars.

Please mail to:
Kathleen Lambert
32 Connell Drive
Hendersonville, NC 28739.

All registration entry forms and accompanying pictures MUST BE RECEIVED by April 1, 2019 for your entry to be accepted. Entries postmarked by, but received after the deadline, will not be accepted. Your quilt need not be completed at the time of registration.

Pictures are required, as they are used to ensure that your quilt will be entered into the appropriate category (This is especially important in the event that categories need to by divided or merged.) and so that they will be hung in a pleasing manner. Layout planners will use your picture. Please make sure that the colors are true. A picture must be printed and submitted with your entry form. (Emailed photos will not be accepted.) Please write your name, the name of the quilt, and the size of your quilt (width x length) on the back of your picture.

All entries must have a label sewn on the lower back corner of the quilt which should include the quilt name, maker’s name, and date completed. If the quilt is to be judged, please cover this label with a piece of cloth, which is to remain in place during judging. (The label may be safety pinned or basted in place.)

Quilts 60” or more in length must have a 4” sleeve attached not more than 90” from quilt bottom.

Your quilt must NOT have any strong odors, e.g. smoke, perfume, mothballs, etc. since it will be stacked with other quilts. Strong odors may cause disqualification. Quilts should also be free of pet hair.

Any quilt may be listed for sale. If so, please list your sale price on the entry form. WNCQG will receive a 20% commission, to be taken from your listed sale price. Ribbons awarded to quilts sold at the show remain the property of the quilt entrant.

Quilts that require special handling may not be accepted. Examples of such quilts would be, but are not limited to:

•  three dimensional quilts which extend more than ½” above the surface of the quilt, especially if sharp or jagged extensions exist,
•  a quilt containing rigid mounting – frames, rods, or other devices,
•  a quilt unable to be stacked or folded with other quilts without potential damage.

No special lighting may accompany quilts. No rods may be sewn into quilt sleeves.

It is the goal of the WNCQG Quilt Show Committee that we be able to display the widening array of art quilts being produced by innovative and artistic quilters, but we must be able to store and display them safely. If you have questions about your quilt, please contact one of the show registrars –

Kathleen Lambert at klambertnc@gmail.com or
Natalie Rockley at natalierockley@gmail.com.

You will receive an email notification when your registration form has been received. If you must withdraw an entry, please notify the quilt show registrar at least one week prior to the delivery date. All entries must hang for the duration of the show.