2019 WNCQG Quilt Show
May 17 - 18, 2019
"Garden of Quilts"

Garden of Quilts
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Categories and Definitions

TRADITIONAL QUILTS - based on well-established or customary designs; may also be your adaptation of such designs or made from a professional design (book, magazine, class, etc.).
  • 100   Appliquéd Quilts, quilted by maker
  • 300   Appliquéd Quilts, Duet
  • 500   Pieced Quilts, quilted by maker
  • 700   Pieced Quilts, Duet
  • 900   Mixed Appliqued and Pieced Quilts
MODERN QUILTS - high contrast, bold colors, simple shapes, increased use of solid fabric, with neutrals as background. May contain re-interpreted traditional blocks, alternative block structures, or a lack of visible block structure. Inspired by modern art and architecture; frequently uses improvisational piecing; embraces minimalism and simplicity
  • 2000   Modern Quilts
ART QUILTS - must be the quilt maker’s original design; a personal expression making innovative use of color, materials and/or techniques; may include traditional elements, but as a minor part of the design.
  • 2500   Art, Abstract - Emphasis on color, line, and design, featuring abstract, cutting edge, and non-literal quilts.
  • 2700   Art, Pictorial - Illustration of recognizable image, such as people, cityscapes, still life, or objects.
  • 2900   Art, Nature/Landscape - Illustration of natural scenery, such as flowers, gardens, mountains, forests, beaches.
MINIATURE QUILTS - Completely scaled down in all features from a large quilt design. Perimeter less than 96 inches; block size 4 inches or less. Quilted by the maker.
  • 3000   Miniature Quilt
SPECIAL TECHNIQUES – Quilts using other techniques such as whole cloth, yo-yo’s, crazy quilts, cathedral windows, leaf-pounding, digitized designs, other computer-aided stitching, machine embroidery, thread painting, embellishments, silk screening, photo transfers, etc.
  • 3500   Special Technique Quilt
GROUP QUILTS - Quilts made by three or more people.
  • 4000   Group Quilt
YOUTH QUILTS - Quilters up to age 18 at the time of completion of the quilt, any size.
  • 4500   Youth Quilt